P_Gerry_Orchard.jpg Gerry Orchard Lead organiser Angram Grange, Cold Kirby, Thirsk. YO7 2HL E-mail: ku.oc.evreseerf.sgelderit|xineohP#ku.oc.evreseerf.sgelderit|xineohP
P_Julie_Orchard.JPG Julie Bushell Lead organiser
P_Paul_Adams.JPG Paul Adams Starter, Bucket Drop Organiser Enjoys blowing the bugle
P_Alan_Withers.JPG Alan Withers Communications Member of Cleveland RAYNET,, Erects 33ft mast behind Village Hall to transmit to 5 Checkpoints
P_Roy_Newman.JPG Roy Newman Entries on day, Dogsbody Helping for the first time
P_Janet_Roy.JPG Janet Roy Checkpoint 2
P_Duncan_Roy.JPG Duncan Roy Checkpoint 2 11th year involved in helping with the event - started age 7
P_Sam_Shilemd.JPG Sam Shilend Checkpoint 2

Note that many other people are involved in helping with the Osmotherley Phoenix

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