1. Observe the country code.
  2. All entrants must be over 14 years on the day of the event. Parent or guardian must accompany entrants under 18 years.
  3. The following basic safety equipment must be worn or carried by all competitors: waterproof cagoule and overtrousers, compass and appropriate map (NYM tourist map or 1:25000 West, sheet 26.) Please wear footwear appropriate for rugged moorland conditions. There could be a kit check before, during or at the finish! No Kit, no prizes.
  4. It is recommended that slower walkers take extra kit and food for the event.
  5. Please carry a mug for drinks, which will be provided at certain checkpoints.
  6. If retiring, please retire only at roadside checkpoints – Marshals must be informed even if official transport to finish is not required - failure to do this could result in Rescue Team time being wasted searching for people who are not actually missing.
  7. Entrants must keep to the route, which is all on public rights of way. The use of road other than on the official route or deliberate trespass will, unless in an emergency situation, result in the competitor being penalised.
  8. Keep all dogs on lead and under proper control.
  9. Entry fee: £7.00. Cheques payable to 'Osmotherley Phoenix'.
  10. Please close all gates and drop no litter.
  11. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure their tally is punched and number recorded at each checkpoint
  12. Entrants leaving the Wheat Beck checkpoint after 3:30pm will be required to take the 26 mile route, straight back to Osmotherley.

We ask our checkpoint marshalls to report all entrants who appear to be carrying no kit, and they have every right to withdraw anyone they feel is putting themselves in danger, or obtaining unfair advantage by carrying nothing. Basic kit is for your safety, please obey the simple rules to ensure the event continues in a manner fair for all.

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